Best Things to Do in Lima, Peru!

Lima, the food capital of South America, is one of the most exciting cities to explore as a honeymooning couple in Peru. As most international flights connects to Lima and Lima serves as a connecting hub for domestic flights to famous cities like Cusco and Iquitos, many tourists will get to enjoy the Peruvian travel experience in this colourful city first. Below are the best romantic things to do in Lima!

#1 Eat Peruvian Food!

Delicious cerviche at Ali Baba Restaurant in Miraflores

When most Latin American nations are obsessed with the sports, soccer, many young men and women in Peru are more keen in honing their skills in the world of culinary arts. That means to say, you can find good food everywhere especially in Lima. Don’t miss traditional Peruvian food such as cerviche, prawn soup and lomo saltado (grilled beef slices with potatoes).

Three Type of Cerviche Served Fresh at Rosa Nautica, one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world.

The thing about cerviche is that each chef has his or her way of preparing nice, fresh and tasty cerviche. We like best are those that are not too sour. They are usually served with corn, onions and sweet potatoes.

Super thick prawn soup at Don Cevicheria in Surquillo Market

For the daring ones, try the crunchy ‘cuy’ (guinea pig)! Another must drink beverage in Lima and any parts of Peru is Chicha Morada, the purple corn drink!

You can only find cuy in Peru! Fried cuy served with tasty sauce, potatoes and rice at La Tapada

#2 Miraflores

This beautiful district by the breathtaking Pacific Ocean is home to many exciting and romantic places. Take your time and walk along the clifftop promenade of Miraflores whereby you will be invited with superb views of the mighty ocean.

Wefie with the Pacific Ocean

First stop for lovers is definitely Love Park (Parque De Amor) where you can marvel at colourful mosaic and see that ‘couple hugging statue’.

Relax by the colourful mosaic tiles at Love Park. It reminds us of Parc Guell in Barcelona, but without the amazing views of the ocean.

Yep, this is the famous couple hugging statue.

During the weekends, the place turns into an exciting location for adventurous holidaymakers who wish to go for a paragliding ride over Miraflores.

Paragliding over the skyline of Miraflores

Next must visit place in Miraflores, is Larcomar. It is probably the one and only shopping mall situated on clifftop beside the Pacific Ocean.

Scenic coastal walking path to Larcomar

No one knows how lucky they are, to have a shopping mall situated right beside the majestic Pacific Ocean

Lots of renowned brands, local designer shops and restaurants can be found in this cool shopping mall. Due to its strategic location, almost more than half of the restaurants here, offers panoramic views of the wide ocean.

At Papacho’s – a nice burger restaurant with amazing views

Come around 530pm and prepare yourself for the romantic sunset of the Pacific Ocean too! 

Beautiful Sunset over the Pacific Ocean – View from Larcomar

While you are at Miraflores, you will not miss Rosa Nautica, the prominent seafood restaurant located in the middle of Pacific Ocean.

We got one of the best table at Rosa Nautica. Beside the ocean!

This charming place serves fresh seafood and delicious cuisine, on top of that you can see the free roaming seagulls or the tanned surfers, from novice to professionals, testing out the ocean waves and balancing themselves on the surf. Remember to make a reservation earlier, as this place tend to be fully booked at times. 

Small art gallery just outside the restaurant

After a sumptuous lunch at Rosa Nautica, we walked over to the shiny pebble beach nearby. Here, you will get up close to the ocean where you can feel the cool ocean waters with your barefoot.

Feel the Pacific Ocean with your feet!

You can also see fishermen tending their nets by the shore or surfing instructors waiting at their outdoor stalls along the ocean boardwalk waiting for a traveller to ask for a crash course in surfing. 

Surf boards on the pebble beach

All in all, Miraflores is a cool district in Lima that is perfect for travellers who love the ocean. If you have only one day of travel in Lima (which we don’t recommend!), a visit to Miraflores and the nearby Barranco district is a must!

#3 Barranco District

Welcome to the Bohemian side of Peru! Step into the world of colours where famous Peruvian poets, songwriters, musicians and artists got their inspiration from.

Here are some famous poets and artists that are from Barranco district

Many colourful walls and buildings for colourful Instagram shots

Don’t miss a walk on the Bridge of Sigh where the old Peruvian love story between a rich girl and a road sweeper made famous. It is believed that lovers who kiss while walking on this bridge, will have ever-lasting love!

Bridge of Sigh – not that one in Venice. This one is uniquely Barranco!

Bright yellow chapel

Take your time to create artistic shots at the many Instagram-worthy places here or simply find a nice cafe or restaurant to chill it out. In the evening, Barranco nightlife blooms as many gather for booze and thoughts-sharing. 

Closed during the day but alive at night!

Neat square of Barranco District

The feeling about the travel experience in Barranco, is that it makes you relax and inspired with its colours and warmth. Only when you are here, then you will notice why.

#4 Colonial District of Lima

Though touristy and crowded, a trip to the colonial district of Lima is not to be missed. Your first stop is definitely Plaza De Armas (Lima). Do note that every city in Peru will have their own Plaza De Armas (or city square). You will love the taking pictures with the pastel coloured colonial buildings and fountain at Lima’s Plaza De Armas.

Pose with the fountain!

If you have only three words to describe Lima’s Plaza De Armas, then the three words are ‘Pretty Buildings Everywhere!’.

Nearby, there are many souvenir shops selling alpaca wear and restaurants serving authentic Peruvian cuisines. In terms of souvenirs, the price range here are less expensive or of reasonable pricing. So, it is a good place for some souvenir shopping. If you happen to see the ‘churros man’ passing by, remember to buy some churros from him! They are amazingly delicious! 

With the Churros Man!

This doll has a Peruvian passport!

Good place to shop for some alpaca clothing!

Next, you will love a visit to the Chocolate Museum where you can see a wide variety of chocolates (from coca flavour to even chilli) as well as many unique product made of chocolates!

a welcoming mascot

Is that chocolate condom?

 While you are in the colonial district of Lima, another place not to be missed is San Francisco Church and Catacombs. This UNESCO world heritage site is an interesting place to explore. Once you enter the the church, pay the small entrance fee and wait for a guide to show you around the amazing church interior and the mysterious walkways to the eerie catacombs. Video filming and photography are not allowed inside the site, hence we can only show you what’s outside.


#5 Experience the Local Market Scene

There are several markets in Lima. To experience the less touristy and more authentic market scene of the city, we went to Surquillo Market which is located near Miraflores.

Surrounded by fresh fruit!

Here, you will get to see locals doing their groceries, friendly locals and we would recommend you to try eating out at the local cevicheros.

At Don’s Cervichero in Surquillo Market. Must try dishes are Mixed Cerviche and Prawn Soup!

Unlike most markets in Perus, where cerviches were prepared earlier, the cervicheros served cerviches that are freshly made on the spot.

#6 LARCO Museum

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful museums we had ever visited.

Pretty Artistic!

You will be welcome by walkways of bougainvillea and creamy white walls and structure. This is where you will find a huge collection of nice artefacts dated as early as the Inca empire.


Other than the nice artefacts, there are also the ‘naughty’ artefacts at the Erotic Gallery on the first floor near the restaurant.


Whether its the nice artefacts or the ‘naughty’ artefacts, LARCO Museum is definitely a great place to appreciate culture of ancient Peru! 

#7 Parque De La Reserva (Park of the Reserve)

You will be fascinated by the many magical water fountains in Parque De La Reserva, the largest water fountain park in the world. Take a trip through the tunnel of water, check out the tallest fountain in the world or enjoy the amazing light show.


Our Hotels in Lima

Hotel El Ducad0: A quiet small boutique hotel located in the residential area of Miraflores. Though the breakfast and rooms are simple,  the service is marvellous. Price is reasonable compare to most hotels in Miraflores. 

Nice courtyard at Hotel El Ducado

Costal Del Sol Wyndham Airport Hotel: Very clean hotel located just opposite the international airport. Very courteous and helpful concierge. Room price is expensive but service is great. 

Spacious room at the Airport Hotel

Check out our travel video on the Best Things to Do in Lima, Peru!