Romantic Places to Go to in Your Uruguay Honeymoon

While planning for a romantic getaway with your partner, you should consider Uruguay as a top destination. In this country, you can visit many romantic places that will ensure your honeymoon holiday is at its best. Here are some of the top places that you should visit if you are on a romantic getaway in Uruguay.

Colonia Del Sacramento

Colonia Honeymoon Destinations

There is no way you can travel to Uruguay and fail to visit this top destination. It is a popular destination for lovers who want to enjoy a wide range of activities. The Historic Quarter, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site, is what makes Colonia so popular. There are also museums, churches, and old buildings lined in the ancient cobbled streets. The antique bullring (Plaza de Toros) and the scenic river promenade also make this destination a good one for romantic relaxations.

Punta Del Este

This is among the best beach resort towns in South America. The beautiful beaches and the modern city are what attract many lovers to this resort town. While in Punta, you will surely enjoy every moment with your partner. You can choose to engage in the many water activities in the beaches. You should also visit the famous fingers sculpture, which is in one of the Punta del Este’s beaches.

The Rocha Coast

If you want to go to a romantic place in a less developed place, then the coast of Rocha is the ideal place for you to spend your honeymoon holiday in Uruguay. There are romantic places that you can visit while on the coast of Rocha. These romantic places include Cabo Polonio, La Paloma, and La Pedrera.


If you are looking for a cool and romantic place to listen to live musical performance, then you should head to Montevideo and visit Auditorio del Sodre. Together with your partner, you will get a romantic treat in this musical theater. Montevideo also has many charming beaches and resorts by the picturesque Montevideo Bay.

Lighthouse of Cabo Polonio

Image Credits: Mírian Bruckschen Motta Barros on Flickr

You can also visit the Lighthouse of Cabo Polonio if you are looking for a romantic place to go for your Uruguay honeymoon holiday. Climbing to the top might be a bit dizzying but the experience is worth it. You will get some of the best views while on top of the lighthouse.

So here are some of Uruguay’s amazing places with good romantic ambiance. Enjoy!